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Heeey guys. Iā€™m back with another amazing idea. It has been a month and days since I did the previous post, and I had really missed this, hope you did too. I always look forward to posting but I would not just go ahead and have a post just for the fun of it, I try my best to have something relevant and practical, and this outfit post is more than that.

I was out some day at shujaa mall to excite my eyes and hopefully grab something. I came across this printed shirt that I understand is unisex. I have seen it with most people but never thought it would be anything for me, but this one caught my eye. After trying it on, I did not like that is was all huge on me (Iā€™m petite, duh!) which means a nice belt would do. I purchased it and even ended up coming back for a shoot the following day. There is not a belt I own that worked well with it, so I used a bandue top as a belt. I will do another post very soon featuring that bandue top for you to see its fit on me, and how I could manipulate it to be a belt.

Waiting for those comments and thumbs ups!!!!

that background beauty though

my everyday face, not attitude

Everything except belt and shoes are from lucy’s shop at shujaa mall.

She is not on instagram right now but here is her phone number, 0723172789

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