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HEEY!!! I’m back from what I term as a long- road- to- get- things- rolling- again. After recently completing my university studies, I needed time to recuperate from Ludicrous long term schooling and school work exhaustion and figure out how to get back to posting again, CONSISTENTLY, as well as find new avenues to cater for this youthful imagination of mine. The break has been a good one, and even though it has had its summits, a lot more non- sensical things have occurred. Even so, I realize that I needed it more than I thought. There has been a lot I have been up to, and I wish I could share the experience now but I’m not big on posting experiences mostly because I’m aware that people don’t care, they have their life to handle already, the only reason I would do so is because when someone who can relate comes across it, they will be a bit comforted. I hope to be able to, soon, just so that I can inspire and encourage that person. I believe that I can’t exist in this world just to go through it alone, and that goes for everyone. Anyway, that’s news for another time.  

Are you seeing this pink version of my LBD though???  It’s a favorite, and paired with this trendy shirt the couple becomes a shirting thing. I love it. I look like some sweet human Barbie. Well, of course any color of a little dress will go perfectly well with the shirt. I hope you love the outfit and you are planning on having a leg day with it.

because we also dress for the back!


Dress – my own

Shirt – Rhoda kivinya, Kivinya_rk_trends on instagram

Boots – in-style shoes

Your thoughts?


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