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off shoulder on denim

Hi guys, you good? Ok, so, I know I have had a post while in this off shoulder, but bear with me; I can’t seem to get over it. It works with almost anything I want to wear and I’m now thinking it goes best with this denim skirt. I hope this does not get boring for you, in fact I wish it provides alternatives for when you want to wear your off shoulder differently.

These clothes are the trend of today, never seeming to fade. Nowadays I tend to wear off shoulders more, or something close to it, that’s why I will be doing a ‘WHAT I WEAR’ series showcasing what I put on on daily basis. This will be from my personal wardrobe only, and I will start next week, one post a week for four weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. xoxo

off shoulder; think twice second hand clothes.

denim skirt; kivinya_rk_trends on instagram.

Mystyle Outfits


Hi guys, it’s been a long time. More than two months to be precise. I’m back and ready to be as consistent as I can. Much has happened in those two months that I haven’t been posting, and I can say I have learnt a lot about how best to bring out my creativity on style to you guys. Plus I have also been taking serious time for school, and I decided that I can always balance the two with good planning in place. Here is a shoot I did, all black and glowy (my mood). I don’t like being in sweaters, in fact, I’d rather be cuddled up in the house than be outside in tough weather. So my way of defying the weather is by putting on all black, carrying something warm in my bag for when I need it and praying that I never do. I chose to have minimal makeup because, well, we don’t put on makeup each day of our lives. That’s me trying to be realistic…lol. I hope this outfit inspires you though.


top and leather skirt from Rhoda Kivinya; kivinya_rk_trends on instagram

heels, random pick in Nairobi CBD. i know, right.


Mystyle Outfits


I am always excited to try out new ways of wearing clothes, especially the ones created on my mind. In fact, I am a fanatic of those who do a hell of a lot more. I silently follow guys who have extraordinary ideas and pull off something that only they (and a few others) can pull off. I am mostly concerned with color. I have not really done much with color and I thought now is the time   . I am also here to tell you that you can actually wear a lot of color and not end up looking like a clown.  On the outfit, I have chosen plain white, which lets me combine the other colors almost evenly on my body, the hair, lipstick, jacket and shoes are all of different colors, but I can walk out and be comfortable doing it.

These images were taken at the heart of one of my favorite parts of life, theatre art. The Kenya National Theatre. Also, I have been out here like everyone else,  watching the events surrounding our country and I am not as happier as I thought I would be after the elections, but I keep on praying that things do go well and I hope you are too. Check out the images a. I also wish that you get inspired.


off shoulder top :think twice second hand clothes

trousers : my closet archive

shoes : closet archive

jackets :sam’s shop @ 0712429963

photography : moore pictures

All  the  love




Mystyle Outfits



Well, I’m back after a short while (I hope), and have been up to something mesh for you guys.

But first, I’d like to extend my appreciation for all the positive approach I got from most of you, which actually encouraged me to have this shoot. It’s clear to me that blogging is working out just fine, so far and I’m looking forward to creating more beautiful content for you guys.


 So I went out and got a mesh top to match with a favorite white pair of pants and I can tell you it’s a good feeling that I had. I love that it has these shiny details on it, meaning it would work well as a night out outfit. Also it brings out femininity well enough to make you want to wear it over and over. I found just the right backdrop to let the black and white pop too, a green painted container.

I can’t wait for next time.

All the love.

mesh top; kivinya rk trends, 071853152.

pants; a shop in Mombasa.

shoes; random pick in Nairobi.

photography; moore pictures


Mystyle Outfits

this cute old school denim

Old school denims come in handy when you want to wear something not stretchy, and perfectly fits. I love that what I picked even has that striking difference from other high waist denim trousers at the waist make it all the more exciting, I paired it with this fab top that I had saved up ever since I was in class 6. Yes, I kind of always had this feeling that it would be something that I want to wear over and over which I actually do,(talk about seeing the future!!).  Anyway this is my second post on the blog and I have been nothing but appreciative of all the positive response from my audience. I got more views, likes and follows on my social media handles than I thought possible after one post. You will be kept posted and at times entertained.



Top; my closet archives.

Old sch denim; Think twice second hand clothes.

Slip on sneakers; random seller in Nairobi.

Belt; Think twice second hand clothes.

Bag; 0721124726, Nairobi.


Mystyle Outfits


Yeey!!! I finally get to start posting. I’m the most excited right now to be able to share this. I did this shoot a while back and all i have been doing is staring at the photos and wishing that time flies. Well, it has and now we are here.   


outfit details

dress; Domy’s, 0726908516

jackets; Sam’s shop, 0712429963

shoes; gifted

photography; Moore pictures