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What does a haul look like?

Well, It’s not just a haul. I love the fact that from the brand, you can shop the most essential outfits. For work, comfy, casual pieces and a handful for your friyay nights out. A few ladies and I had some outfits session with the owner the other day and we got to put together countless full outfits. How many brands do you know of that you can go to for limitless outfits to pick from? Better still, thrifted?

I hope you love these best picks of mine from the session, and that the next time you need some good stuff, or even emergency shopping, you know that you can drop by kalekye’s and do yourself a huge favour! OH! And also all sizes are covered by the way, I just did not include images from the other ladies with size 8,12,14 and 16. You can check them out on instagram

loved this the most. its perfect for a creative work environment and its casual at the same time.

i’m no fan of blazers, but this look is official-perfect even with a blazer on it.


this work outfit is a fly as any can get. speaks for itself.

so formal and casual. love this one.


after work, i’m going out!

you have to tuck that in tho.

can work get any more interesting?

this is a work outfit depending on what you do.


could not resist this top,not formal tho.


i loved this sexy one!

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because, bodysuits

It’s been a minute!! Nothing is easy, and that includes being creative especially when it’s entirely up to you. I’m however back with beautiful tips on styling bodysuits. All the bodysuits featured here are from La Ropa Tienda, a brand that offers exceptional bodysuits for all sizes. The outfits I combined them with are also all from The Exclusive, another brand offering mostly perfect pieces for women.

Like I put it in my previous blog post, bodysuits are baaaack!! And they are more versatile, everyone can find a perfect one for themselves and I think they should. I personally love them because they can be worn in a million different ways and different other pieces. Almost anything you think of can be worn with a bodysuit. Please feel left out if you don’t own a piece.

Perfect casual. It breaks whole floral pattern.




Baby sister. Welllll, the floral piece will break this whole black outfit, as well as give you a waist you probably ate your way out of!


yeeey! wear a shirt-dress over a lace bodysuit.



animal print can be sporty-sexy!


i loved this strapless bodysuit that you can wear colourfully to the office.



Feel all sexy in a mesh bodysuit and cute shorts. This full outfit plus bodysuit is from @thexclusive254 on instagram.



Floral bodysuits are not as common. this piece is a perfect office companion.



you can find @la_ropa_tienda and @thexclusive254 on instagram.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Mystyle Outfits

wear bodysuits for all occasions

It’s been a minute!!! Hey you! Thank you for coming over and reading my content. It because of you that I do this, and I hope you will find it worth coming back for.

I’m really excited writing this. Bodysuits are a thing today more than they have ever been. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t follow every trend that shows up but I have to say these pieces are the best company for high-waist anything. Wide-legged pants, denim trousers, skirts, shorts and any other you might think of. They are versatile in that way, as well as working fine with official and casual wear. This is great. So I put up this post to add more info about the different types of bodysuits that match various occasions.

It’s the festive season and a time to dress up in a festive mood to any place you head to. These outfits do that and much more. If you love this post please comment below and if you have more suggestions lets me know as well, you know, for the encouragement, plus I may just do a post on it to share with more guys. Aaand, getting more content to share soon.


work /bodysuit and wide leg trousers outfit from @thexclusive254 on IG

work/date/casual/ bodysuit from @la_ropa_tienda on IG suit from @thexclusive254


casual/night out/ bodysuit from @la_ropa_tienda pants @thexclusive254

everywhere, except work bodysuit from @la_ropa_tienda pants and kimono from @thexclusive  shoes from @blush_ _lounge owned by my friend @she_must_be_diaz


change over the first for this and go play.


i love strappy backs. if you know me, you know this. shoes from instyle shoes, which i find classy and affordable

happy festivities..

Mystyle Outfits

barbie tingz

HEEY!!! I’m back from what I term as a long- road- to- get- things- rolling- again. After recently completing my university studies, I needed time to recuperate from Ludicrous long term schooling and school work exhaustion and figure out how to get back to posting again, CONSISTENTLY, as well as find new avenues to cater for this youthful imagination of mine. The break has been a good one, and even though it has had its summits, a lot more non- sensical things have occurred. Even so, I realize that I needed it more than I thought. There has been a lot I have been up to, and I wish I could share the experience now but I’m not big on posting experiences mostly because I’m aware that people don’t care, they have their life to handle already, the only reason I would do so is because when someone who can relate comes across it, they will be a bit comforted. I hope to be able to, soon, just so that I can inspire and encourage that person. I believe that I can’t exist in this world just to go through it alone, and that goes for everyone. Anyway, that’s news for another time.  

Are you seeing this pink version of my LBD though???  It’s a favorite, and paired with this trendy shirt the couple becomes a shirting thing. I love it. I look like some sweet human Barbie. Well, of course any color of a little dress will go perfectly well with the shirt. I hope you love the outfit and you are planning on having a leg day with it.

because we also dress for the back!


Dress – my own

Shirt – Rhoda kivinya, Kivinya_rk_trends on instagram

Boots – in-style shoes

Your thoughts?


Mystyle Outfits


If you checked my blog post yesterday, you would know just how much this corset top is limitless. I think the best way to wear it is with some white pieces, much better, bold and captivating colours.

top, shirt & trousers – all mine, thrifts.

hair – bought from poly of 0705405438

shoes – in style shoes

Mystyle Outfits


This time round, I have with me a white and black combination featuring one black, velvet top that is a favorite. Apparently, when I come to love a cloth, I rarely wear it. It becomes a sort of antique to pull out and get mesmerized over. I especially love that this one is a corset top, also a perfect fitting on me. I also love my wig that I got from a random shop in Nairobi, after creating a whole itinerary of well-known stores that ended up disappointing me a great deal. I’m going to leave her phone number for you in the details below, because I know you love it too. Yea, I can tell.

This is one of two posts. The other feature will be up tomorrow right here. Please don’t miss it. Follow me on instagram for the alert. The icon below will send you to my feed. And I will appreciate it to find your comment below. Meantime, I hope this post will inspire you.



top &wide legged pants – my own, they are thrifts.

hair – poly, 0705405438

sandals – in style shoes

Inspiration Outfits

bandue baby

Remember the bandue top I talked about in the previous post a few days ago? It’s here, and worn with khanga-fabric trousers. This top has an almost too tight grip on me, which is why I can fold it and it can still clinch my waist to become a belt. Also, the inner layer is of a different color, which makes it more interesting.

Ok, so, I hope you get yourselves bandue tops, plus see y’all soon.

i discovered my natural hair guys, and these masai gewellery is everything

outfit details from previous post.


Mystyle Outfits


Heeey guys. I’m back with another amazing idea. It has been a month and days since I did the previous post, and I had really missed this, hope you did too. I always look forward to posting but I would not just go ahead and have a post just for the fun of it, I try my best to have something relevant and practical, and this outfit post is more than that.

I was out some day at shujaa mall to excite my eyes and hopefully grab something. I came across this printed shirt that I understand is unisex. I have seen it with most people but never thought it would be anything for me, but this one caught my eye. After trying it on, I did not like that is was all huge on me (I’m petite, duh!) which means a nice belt would do. I purchased it and even ended up coming back for a shoot the following day. There is not a belt I own that worked well with it, so I used a bandue top as a belt. I will do another post very soon featuring that bandue top for you to see its fit on me, and how I could manipulate it to be a belt.

Waiting for those comments and thumbs ups!!!!

that background beauty though

my everyday face, not attitude

Everything except belt and shoes are from lucy’s shop at shujaa mall.

She is not on instagram right now but here is her phone number, 0723172789


One more

This is the last outfit post for this month that my mind told me to call a series…lol, and I did. I think this comes from my love for and preference to series. But that’s all to it. I just wanted you guys to have a glimpse of what kind of clothes I’m into, at least for now. When I notice that am beginning to venture into other types I will definitely do another one. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below. Ok, until next time.



week 2

Hey guys…another week with another post. I know I have written this previously, but for the sake of you who have not read my previous post, especially the last two, this post is part of the series that I promised. Like the previous others, I am featuring a sleeveless top again. This is more interesting because it marches with these palazzo pants.

It wasn’t a top before; actually it was the pants’ belt. So I sliced it and made a top because I am more comfortable with less color on me and the better if my top is exactly like the pants’ inner. Ok, until next week.