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April 2019

Mystyle Outfits

What does a haul look like?

Well, It’s not just a haul. I love the fact that from the brand, you can shop the most essential outfits. For work, comfy, casual pieces and a handful for your friyay nights out. A few ladies and I had some outfits session with the owner the other day and we got to put together countless full outfits. How many brands do you know of that you can go to for limitless outfits to pick from? Better still, thrifted?

I hope you love these best picks of mine from the session, and that the next time you need some good stuff, or even emergency shopping, you know that you can drop by kalekye’s and do yourself a huge favour! OH! And also all sizes are covered by the way, I just did not include images from the other ladies with size 8,12,14 and 16. You can check them out on instagram

loved this the most. its perfect for a creative work environment and its casual at the same time.

i’m no fan of blazers, but this look is official-perfect even with a blazer on it.


this work outfit is a fly as any can get. speaks for itself.

so formal and casual. love this one.


after work, i’m going out!

you have to tuck that in tho.

can work get any more interesting?

this is a work outfit depending on what you do.


could not resist this top,not formal tho.


i loved this sexy one!