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April 2018


One more

This is the last outfit post for this month that my mind told me to call a series…lol, and I did. I think this comes from my love for and preference to series. But that’s all to it. I just wanted you guys to have a glimpse of what kind of clothes I’m into, at least for now. When I notice that am beginning to venture into other types I will definitely do another one. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below. Ok, until next time.



week 2

Hey guys…another week with another post. I know I have written this previously, but for the sake of you who have not read my previous post, especially the last two, this post is part of the series that I promised. Like the previous others, I am featuring a sleeveless top again. This is more interesting because it marches with these palazzo pants.

It wasn’t a top before; actually it was the pants’ belt. So I sliced it and made a top because I am more comfortable with less color on me and the better if my top is exactly like the pants’ inner. Ok, until next week.

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leather wonders

Hallo guys, so I’m here with another post, with another leather skirt, with another strapless-sleeveless. I know this outfit looks so familiar with the previous one, but that’s because this is what I wear. This top is also a piece from the same skirt I used to make the previous top, but the inside out, yea that skirt had such a great fabric. It would be so nice if you read my previous post, you will see how these two outfits take after each other, yet also contrast. Look forward to another post next week, and as always I hope this outfit inspires you.

Also, I would love to hear what you have to say about it, or any question you would love to ask me from the comments section below.

skirt; kivinya_rk_trends on instagram

Have a lovely rest of the week.