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June 2017

Mystyle Outfits

this cute old school denim

Old school denims come in handy when you want to wear something not stretchy, and perfectly fits. I love that what I picked even has that striking difference from other high waist denim trousers at the waist make it all the more exciting, I paired it with this fab top that I had saved up ever since I was in class 6. Yes, I kind of always had this feeling that it would be something that I want to wear over and over which I actually do,(talk about seeing the future!!).  Anyway this is my second post on the blog and I have been nothing but appreciative of all the positive response from my audience. I got more views, likes and follows on my social media handles than I thought possible after one post. You will be kept posted and at times entertained.



Top; my closet archives.

Old sch denim; Think twice second hand clothes.

Slip on sneakers; random seller in Nairobi.

Belt; Think twice second hand clothes.

Bag; 0721124726, Nairobi.


Mystyle Outfits


Yeey!!! I finally get to start posting. I’m the most excited right now to be able to share this. I did this shoot a while back and all i have been doing is staring at the photos and wishing that time flies. Well, it has and now we are here.   


outfit details

dress; Domy’s, 0726908516

jackets; Sam’s shop, 0712429963

shoes; gifted

photography; Moore pictures